Breakthrough your Fears & Limitations

Lightworker Programme: Layer 2


Transformational Healing for Lightworkers

Next Enrolment: 2nd February 2020 - Limited Spaces - Early Bird

"This is a life-changing programme that will help you transform inside and out, on all levels. It doesn’t just help you to step up. It helps you to feel like you’re flying!" Hafsa

Are you Blazing a Trail to your Destiny? 

Are you stuck as a Lightworker? 

 Are you Hiding?  

Are you playing it Small? 

Still struggling with Scarcity/Poverty themes?

Are you Self Sabotaging?

Are you ready to Create Magic? 

You are here for Greatness

So many lightworkers start their journey and then stall at several key points: Playing it Small, Scarcity, Low Self Esteem themes

It is critical to heal these to evolve as a Lightworker.

In order to be seen... you need to be Seen! So often lightworkers conflict their own manifestatons with an inner desire to hide. Your Message needs to be received by Humanity.  

Allow us to help you move beyond your Comfort Zones

Your Gifts are your Personality... untapped. Without a space to develp these, they can go a lifetime without access. 

We support you in exploring your Expression, Confidence & Worth in a safe space.

And what about Creating Magic?

Explore what happens when you learn how to create beautiful guided meditations.

This programme is open to Anyone who hears the Call.

If you don't feel worthy or ready to carry out your work...let this be the sign you have been waiting for:

If any of this page resonates with you, then your Soul already knows you are ready!

And we know you are ready.


"Vaz’s approach is holistic. He imparts all his wisdom yet still authentically opens up about his own personal challenges making the whole process relatable and achievable" - Noor


Vaz Sriharan has developed this extensive multi-layered programme after years of inner work, mentoring & training lightworkers through the London College of Spirituality. Co-Creator and facilitating on many of the channeled healing experences is Adya Nova.  

This is a Journey of Self Discovery...Accessing Your Divine Soul Blueprint.  

This is for the Sensitive Individual who is seeking to be an Authentic Heart Centered Lightworker

The Lightworker Programme: Layer 2 - Trailblazer 

What's Included? How will this Benefit You?


6 x Live Online Sessions w/ Vaz & Adya 6 Weekly Intimate Group Mentoring Sessions online to powerfully raise your vibration

Healing, Growth & Activations Profound Transformational healing for core Lightworker patterns, inc. Money, Power & Expression

Build your Worth & Value Powerfully develop your Confidence as a Lightworker & Human Being!

Sacred Ceremonies Ceremonies to release Old Stories & Bring in your New Life

Create Guided Journeys Learn how to Create Guided Journeys & Visualisations!

Beautiful Online Community Meet Others on the path through the Live Online Calls & your personal Connection Partner

Watch In-Depth Webinar...What are you Healing as a Lightworker?

Reviews from Our Lightworkers 

“I was in a place where I could see my potential but struggled to take the action that would make it happen. The { Full } programme has really unearthed parts of me I would not have tapped in to without Vaz’s intuitive support. I’ve got to know myself deeply as a Lightworker through this process and that in itself is empowering. It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work. It’s helped me to dissolve the barriers I had to being seen and heard as a Lightworker and as a result, I’m starting to do things with confidence and conviction and seeing powerful shifts happening with my work. 

- Hafsa Mitha, Personal Growth & Transformation Mentor, 2019

“What I really got to enjoy working with Vaz these past few months is BREAKTHROUGH... We were able to dive in and go beyond all the layers covering my life purpose (and relationships) to then allow it to come to the surface and become clear...What we were able to accomplish in weeks I had been struggling with for almost 10 years”

- Sanjay, Spiritual Coach & Healer, 2019

“Vaz’s approach is holistic. He imparts all his wisdom yet still authentically opens up about his own personal challenges making the whole process relatable and achievable. 

The way he designed the { Full } Bootcamp brings about a unique balance... nudging you to reach the potential he intuitively knows you hold within, and at the same time, tuning into your own personal pace regardless of your starting point.”

- Noor, Healer & Channel, 2019

“I have since spent a lot of time healing and growing through Vaz’s healing work and have taken Vaz’s training. The work that we’ve done together has been a large part of my spiritual and holistic growth which gave me the confidence to step out and do my own healing work where I can serve many more to bring out the light into the world. There is much to learn from Vaz’s teaching and example which he shares from an openly loving space”

- Himesh, Sound Healer, 2019

"Vaz and Adya have created such a powerful program that will challenge you to follow through with. Compared to other online programs where you have to go through hours of online content hoping to find your next insight based on someone else's story; You will start to write your own story others can relate to and can find support and guidance in." - Jean-Paul

Your Lightworker Guides - About Us

Vaz Sriharan Creator of Lightworker Programme Founder of London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions & Sacred Journeys Lightworker Mentor | Advanced Energy Healer | Writer | Growth Facilitator

Vaz has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Psychology. Vaz founded the London College of Spirituality, with over 15,000 members. He has been training lightworkers for over 10 years and has a passion for souls to see their divine purpose & fulfil it, in order to shift consciousness during these epic times. Founder of the Lightworker Bootcamp Programme, Divine I AM Transmissions & Sacred Journeys. Author of Infinite Being.

Adya Nova Core Facilitator, C0-Creator of Lightworker Programme Co-Founder of Sacred Journeys Lightworker Mentor | Visionary Artist | Advanced Energy Healer | Growth Facilitator 

Adya is an Intuitive Channel, Visionary Artist, Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Advanced Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Mentor. She works with the mystical nature of Source energy and metaphysical aspects of reality. Adya acts as a guide and a catalyst assisting people towards their spiritual path and evolution. She believes in the importance of expressing authenticity and vulnerability in our lives and falling in love with our Human Nature (the light and the dark).  

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Next Training: 2nd February 2020

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Recap of What's Included

6 x Live Group Mentoring/Healing Sessions, with by Vaz Adya

Spiritual Wisdoms, Techniques, Healing Transmissions & Exercises

Heal Your Core Patterns as a Lightworker: Playing it Small, Poverty, Criticism, Suffering

Expression Challenges to Build your Confidence

Layer 1 is highly recommended before taking Layer 2, yet not essential 

Layer 2 enrolment ends once we have reached capacity  


"I was in a place where I could see my potential but struggled to take the action that would make it happen. The programme has really unearthed parts of me I would not have tapped in to without Vaz’s intuitive support." - Hafsa

Lightworker Programme: Authentic Heart Centered Lightworker 

Layer 1: Spiritual Explorer (FREE). Discover Your Purpose through Spiritual Growth, Multidimensional Awareness & Practical techniques.  

Layer 2: Trailblazer: Transformational Healing to clear themes, including Self Sabotage, Scarcity, Playing it Small, Hiding. Live Weekly Online Sessions with Vaz & Adya. Connect with fellow Lightworkers in an intimate Online Community! Learn how to create magical Guided Journeys.  

Layer 3: Alchemist. Advanced level for those who have completed Layer 2. Dive deeper with Vaz & Adya, to support you in practically taking your Lightwork into the world, to generate a living. Discover who is your Ideal Client. How to Hold Space. Build your Audience through Magnetism.


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