Calling all Sensitive Souls

Lightworker Programme: Layer 1

Spiritual Explorer: Discover Your Purpose

 Your Gifts are awaiting you...This Layer is now FREE!

"Vaz's Lightworker Programme is the most integrative course I have ever experienced. It tackles Lightworking from all its angels; as it takes you on a journey to the frontiers of spirituality while equally maintaining down to earth practicality" ~ Noor

 Are you a Lightworker?  

These are incredible times on the planet. During which, millions are awakening to a deeper truth about reality. The Universe is activating these souls to uncover their Heart's Desires, and Express them to serve Humanity. 

A Lightworker is any soul that chooses to bring forth their inherent Gifts and express these out of enjoyment, simultaneously serving the Greater Whole. 

 Is the Universe calling you into action?

Imagine Just for a Moment... 

Take a Deep Breath....  

​Imagine waking, excited for the day ahead  

You leap out of bed and know TODAY your Lightwork awaits. ​  

Your Soul radiates and shines its true nature.  

Today you Express your Gifts and Message for the world,  

This invigorates you Fills you with Joy  

Knowing you serve your Sacred Purpose and The Great Shift.  

A deep warmth fills your heart as you receive beautiful messages from clients and customers. They share their deepest gratitude for how your Gifts are making a massive difference in their lives.  

You are content and at peace with your Soul Purpose.  

It is Alive within you It brings you immense fulfilment  

Every single day you expand with something new  

Synchronicity and magic is a part of your Life  

Imagine other beautiful lightworkers supporting your every step.  

They want you to succeed, develop, expand and assist you in Being even more of who you are.  

You are working as a conduit for the Divine  

Channelling new ideas, expressions & gifts into reality  

Your Lightwork creates powerful ripples across the planet​  

Many souls are touched by your Gifts...  

And this is just the Beginning...

What is your Soul Calling For? 

What are my Natural Gifts?

How do I find Clarity & Focus?  

Which is the Right Path for Me?


"It’s an incredibly powerful programme that helps you to create new pathways within yourself and through your work. I’ve got to know myself deeply as a Lightworker through this process and that in itself is empowering" ~ Hafsa

What is the Lightworker Programme?

Vaz Sriharan has developed this extensive multi-layered programme after years of inner work, mentoring & training lightworkers through the London College of Spirituality. Co-Creator and facilitating on many of the channeled healing experences is Adya Nova.

This is a Journey of Self Discovery...Accessing Your Divine Soul Blueprint

This is for the Sensitive Individual who is seeking to be an Authentic Heart Centered Lightworker

Lightworker Programme: Layer 1 - Spiritual Explorer

What's Included? 


Transformational Modules Videos to Teach, Guide and Initiate your lifelong Journey as a Lightworker. 

Spiritual Exercises & Healing Transmissions Exciting Self Discovery exercises. Beautiful Healing Transmissions to connect you to your deeper Self

Reviews from Our Lightworkers 

“I wholeheartedly recommend the { Full } Programme as it has aligned me to everything I’ve searched for throughout my life. Vaz has supported me, empowered me and gently led me to uncover my inner truth and voice. Consequently, it has accelerated healing my own relationship with myself. ”

- Noor, Healer & Channel, 2019

“Words can not describe how much my energy has changed through taking part in this { Full } programme. Vaz is an awesome teacher with an incredible energy that allows you to trust what you’re doing. Vaz gives you the pushes you need throughout the journey but the way you’re working together really supports the direction that you want to take. You can feel that Vaz wants the best for you and it makes you want the best for yourself! "

- Hafsa Mitha, Personal Growth & Transformation Mentor, 2019

“Vaz and Adya have created such a powerful { Full } program that will challenge you to follow through with. Compared to other online programs where you have to go through hours of online content hoping to find your next insight based on someone else's story; You will start to write your own story others can relate to and can find support and guidance in.”

- Jean-Paul, Healer, 2019

Your Lightworker Guides - About Us

Vaz Sriharan Founder of London College of Spirituality, Divine I AM Transmissions & Sacred Journeys Lightworker Mentor | Advanced Energy Healer 

Vaz has been open to spirit since a child and also emerged from many years of depression through spiritual growth. Vaz has a background as a Cityworker and has trained in Transpersonal Psychotherapy & Person Centered Psychology. Vaz founded the London College of Spirituality, which today has over 15,000 members. He has been training lightworkers for over 10 years and has a passion for souls to see their divine purpose & fulfil it, in order to shift consciousness during these epic times. Over his own journey he has explored many of the challenges and pitfalls and now he is dedicated to supporting souls move through as fluidly as possible to acheive their dreams. 

Adya Nova Co-Founder of Sacred Journeys Lightworker Mentor | Advanced Energy Healer | Visionary Artist 

Adya is an Intuitive Channel, Visionary Artist, Energy Healer (Reiki Master and Advanced Divine I AM Transmission Facilitator) and Mentor. She works with the mystical nature of Source energy and metaphysical aspects of reality. Adya acts as a guide and a catalyst assisting people towards their spiritual path and evolution. She believes in the importance of expressing authenticity and vulnerability in our lives and falling in love with our Human Nature (the light and the dark).  

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Layer 1: Spiritual Explorer - Discover Your Purpose 

*We have condensed and refined Layer 1 of this programme to allow it to be free: To offer you a start with your path and give an experience of how we work. We hope to work with you at the higher levels to take your Lightwork to the next level.  

Recap of What's Included

Spiritual Techniques, Reflective Growth & Insights

Healing Transmissions to Cleanse, Purify & Transform

Exercises to Discover Your Soul's Desires & Purpose


"I have spent a lot of time healing and growing through Vaz's healing work and have taken Vaz's training. The work that we 've done together has been a large part of my spiritual and holistic growth which gave me the confidence to step out and do my own healing work, where I can serve many more to bring out the light into the world.  

There is much to learn from Vaz's teaching and example which he shares from an openly loving space." ~ Himesh